The pictorial cycle: Awakening, is exhibited for the first time at the Merlino Artexpertise Gallery in Florence.

This cycle was designed and carried out mainly during the coronavirus epidemic. After a moment of amazement and dejection which inhibited any creative impulse, there was sadness and worry, for loved ones, family, friends: suffering paralyzed the heart and the imagination of the artist, and the gestures derailed because of that thrill of anguish. She had to get out of this intimate failure that had broken the thread of creation. Il was an Awakening.

The compelled containment, the meeting again with her inner sea, the quietness of abandoned cities that have become flowery deserts, the reconquest of space by a whole nation of birds, have allowed a new contact with nature. Alessandra has designed a cycle of cheerful paintings such as to ward off misfortune and fatality.