Upcoming Exhibitions

TOKYO Metropolitan Art Museum, from August 04th to 10th, 2021

The Crypt Gallery (ArtExpertise), London, from December 17th to 21th, 2021

Since December 1st Permanent artist at the Merlino Art Expertise Gallery in Florence

Further proposed International Exhibitions are under preparation.

Awards and Recognition

Award of Excellence in Drawing Technique, International Exhibition, in La Rochelle
2020 Medal Edition in Barcelona, at the Esart Gallery International Exhibition, January 2020
Prize of Excellence in Drawing Technique in La Rochelle, July 2019
2019 Jury Prize for « Coup de coeur », 3rd at the Jury Prize in Paris, at the Thuillier Gallery International Exhibition, February 2019
International Exhibition Award in Tokyo « European art in Tokyo », December 2018
Maritime Arts Award in La Rochelle, July 2018
Silver Medal of the Academy Arts-Sciences-Letters of Paris, June 2018