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48 mains et un cœur mis à nu

Theatrical performance adapted and directed by Alessandra and taken from her book "48 mains et un cœur mis à nu".

"48 mains et un cœur mis à nu" is a book that shows a special and elderly artist, with black eyes soft as velvet, in a difficult moment of his life.
The text thus speaks of some children with a true heart who will be true masters of life for the elderly artist.
He tells us the story of a naughty but good little dog, a house filled with light, a garden scented with flowers and a poetic little girl who needs help.
The book demonstrates the child's ability to convince the adult, transforming everything into love and colour.

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Simone Innamorato

Simone Innamorato View video and photo gallery of performance "Simone Innamorato".