Member of the Academy of Arts, Sciences And Humanities of Paris Artiste


From early childhood, Alessandra Viotti would draw on everything: walls, sheets, mattresses, on the floor, on paper. Then she started painting.
She trained in the privileged environment of the maestro's "renaissance" atelier, but her work, her studies, her temperament and her daily life provided the rest.
In the 90s, just when Pozzi had decided on Venice for her, Alessandra became ill from the chemical vapours she would inhale daily in the maestros' atelier (he is an engraver, painter and ceramist). For many years, she was compelled to live a cautious life, and to (temporarily) give up painting.
She published many books for children, providing the illustrations, teaching, designing jewellery, clothes and characters.
In 2014, she moved to the south of France to be near the sea, which alleviates her allergies, and was finally able to paint.
2016 was a year of colour for her: she applied acrylic paint with her hands and feet, inventing tools and objects, and "used it" without moderation.
She painted her "Le Poème de Vera", "The Poetry of Vera" series, and combined the paintings with an artist's book, followed by exhibitions and dedications in France.
In 2017, her use of pure colour led to the exhibition"Comme un vol de papillons".
But Alessandra's love is for figurative drawing and painting.
In 2017, she created her series "I volti e la luce" (Faces and the Light).
A fine observer and scholar of the human soul, she paints her characters with decisive, essential features, intent on enhancing their most intimate aspects. In search of a truth that wants to exalt in colours full of light and a little shadow, she removes the superfluous, leaving only the essence.
"It is our reaction to suffering that distinguishes us humans. What comes out of pain, the child of pain, makes us different."
Bianco Puro Alessandra Viotti